The Early Modern Literature in Hungary Program of the Doctoral School of Literary Studies at the Eötvös Loránd University is looking for applicants to its PhD program in Early Modern Literature.

The PhD program consists of 2+2 years of doctoral studies. After the first two years, candidates must take a comprehensive exam from their specialty. The dissertation is to be finished within five years of the admission.

Our doctoral students might participate in the work of the MTA-ELTE Humanism in East Central Europe Lendület Research Group ( We are looking for candidates who would be able to cover the following fields of study: 1. Literature of the Catholic Reform in Central Europe. 2. The literature of the cities in the Carpathian basin. Dissertations can be submitted in English, or Hungarian. In case of interest, please contact Farkas Gábor Kiss ( well in advance about your field of studies and the possible topic of your dissertation.

Students from the member states of the EU and admitted to the state financed branch of the program receive a monthly stipend for 48 months (at present 140.000 HUF in the first two years, 180.000 HUF in the second two years). Students from outside the EU may apply for funding from the Stipendium Hungaricum foundation (…/call-for-applications-2018-2019.…; the deadline for the non-EU application is February 16, 2018!)

The deadline for the the application is April 20, 2018 (

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